pic-2 PiaandthePuppet

Pia is a UKCP registered integrative arts psychotherapist , and draws upon a wide range of creative and reflective tools to support her clients through their personal journeys. She builds upon 25 years of group work with a range of audiences, ages and cultures, weaving together arts psychotherapy with a previous background in advertising, qualitative/social research and creative facilitation. Her practice is based at The London Art Therapy Centre, in Kings Cross, London.

With a Masters and Diploma from the Institute for Arts in Therapy and Education, Pia has clinical experience in hospitals and schools, including Place 2 Be, Kids Company, Homerton  and Newham Hospital, in its miscarriage and stillbirth unit. Pia worked with Women + Health Community Centre in Camden to create an innovative counselling and body therapy programme to support pregnant women and mothers for birth and beyond. Pia’s TEDx talk, The Heroine’s Journey, shows some of her thinking on art as a compass in times of transition.

In addition to her group work and 1-1 creativity sessions, Pia is a published author. She designed Sometimes I Feel, a creative story-card resource to support children in exploring both positive and challenging feelings.

Sometimes I Feel cards

Recently, Pia worked alongside creative director, Eugene Hughes, and film director, Ben Mallaby, as story director on artgym’s award-winning documentary The Moving Theatre. The Moving Theatre follows four real-life migrant storytellers, and plays back life-changing moments of their journeys through the use of theatre and puppetry.


Small Suhur

all of us with puppets

In March 2018, The Moving Theatre won best documentary at the National Film Awards.




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